Think your Social Media Salary is the bees knees? Check out this Salary Guide to see where you rank!

The Social Media industry is constantly changing so it’s important for industry professionals to stay current on the latest developments as well as the basics. Honing in on your skills could put lots of money in your pocket! The career center at Onward Search, launched a NEW Infographic today. If you think your career path in social media isn’t paying off, maybe you’re in the WRONG city! Take a look at this Salary Guide ranked by City and job Title.

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SEO Salaries, Are You Measuring Up?

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The demand for SEO professionals continues to rise across the country, but what markets really provide the best opportunity? The SEO Salary Guide presented by Onward Search offers a look at what cities have the highest volume of SEO jobs, which titles are in the highest demand, and what the earning potential is for each segment. Download the guide here to focus your job search efforts or share with fellow SEOs.

Facebook’s Secrets : Are you a Stalker?

Jeremy Keesh

Is it really such a secret to us anymore that Facebook knows more about ourselves, our interests, our friends and our internet habits more than we even know about us? Hrm. Well, a new “secret” document and bookmarklet has been leaked letting you know who YOU stalk.

Using metrics of who your friends are, how they are connected, the amount of times you are invited to an event that person is invited to, the groups you are in and many many more factors have overwhelmingly given Facebook the means to let you know your “stalking” level.

According to Matt Elliott at cnet, the list is ordered with those you interact most with on Facebook listed at the top and getting a negative number. As you move down the list, the numbers turn positive and grow larger. These are merely friends that facebook thinks you are stalking.

If dragging this image to your bookmarks bar doesn’t work, try the link below it.

Installing the bookmarklet is easy, created by developer Jeremy Keesh head to and find the post titled, “Who Does Facebook Think You Are Searching For?” Follow Jeremy’s instructions to drag the image (pictured above) or the “Facebook Friends” link below it to your bookmarks bar. Then go to your Facebook page and click on the bookmark. It will display the ranked list of your Facebook friends (along with, perhaps, some nonfriends).

If you want to know HOW Jeremy found the algorithm for this check out the post above.

The Social Media Marketing Book ~ Dan Zarrella

The Social Media Marketing Book guides you through the maze of communities, platforms, and social media tools so you can decide which ones to use, and how to use them most effectively. With an objective approach and clear, straightforward language, Dan Zarrella, aka “The Social Media & Marketing Scientist,” shows you how to plan and implement campaigns intelligently, and then measure results and track return on investment.

Whether you’re a seasoned pro or new to the social web, this book will take you beyond the jargon to social media marketing mastery. Make sense of this complicated environment with the help of screenshots, graphs, and visual explanations Understand the history and culture of each social media type, including features, functionality, and protocols Get clear-cut explanations of the methods you need to trigger viral marketing successes.

Choose the technologies and marketing tactics most relevant to your campaign goals
Learn how to set specific goals for your campaigns and evaluate them according to key performance indicators

Praise for The Social Media Marketing Book:

“Let Zarrella take you to social-media marketing school. You’ll learn more from reading this book than a month of research on the Internet.” –Guy Kawasaki, co-founder of
“If I could be any other person for a day, it would be Dan Zarella. Either him or Brad Pitt. But Dan’s smarter. This book is why I say that.” –Chris Brogan, President of New Marketing Labs
“This book demonstrates a beginning to the endless possibilities of the Social Web.” — Brian Solis, publisher of leading marketing blog PR 2.0

My Favorite NEW Facebook App!

For those of us that build Facebook pages on a regular basis for friends or clients, you HAVE to check out these cool Apps.
What’s it do?

Well, for ONE you can actually integrate your entire website into a tab. Granted however, if your website is not 520 pix then you will have scrollbars, but it is helpful in getting clicks to your site. Check out my friend’s Auto Dealership here in New Milford, CT. I was able to place the autos that are currently on his lot for an easy search within his facebook page:

Candlewood Valley Motors- Used Cars Woobox Tab

For Woobox, there are several benefits.

Top Benefits

  • Limit to Fans & Followers
  • Force Viral Sharing
  • One-per-person / One-time-use
  • Limit number of coupons
  • Analytics & tracking
I’m not totally convinced that “Forced Viral Sharing” is a great idea but the larger CPGs are doing it and you can tell by their numbers that people are actually accepting this as a new form of “advertising”. In my opinion its just annoying. I am now getting emails ALL the time by “Community Coffee” out of New Orleans, LA which by the way is incomparable to Luzianne’s Coffee or JFG Coffee (can you tell I’m a true southern girl?)

Check out June Is National Iced Tea Month… Celebrate with Luzianne!

Check out June Is National Iced Tea Month… Celebrate with Luzianne!

Measuring your Social Media Results: ROI

I’ve recently been asked by one of my clients to send them the ROI for our Social Media Campaign that’s been running since the beginning of the year. Phew! Ok, where to begin? The ability to align social measurement with the same metrics you use to measure your other marketing channels is a powerful tool to have. Now finding the numbers and standing behind those numbers are little difficult to find.

I’ve got Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, and Hootsuite analytics. Some of the numbers don’t aligh and some do. That’s where I see the problem. There are so many different ways to enter into a site, to navigate through the site, to engage on the site and then exit or even share the sites. How are all of these different tools I’ve got going to align so that I can show my client what they are getting for the money they are spending.

Last year I read that a facebook fan who likes a business page is worth $134 for the whole year. Now, that number is down to about $8-$12 per “like”. Now a typical Facebook tile ad that I create costs about $0.89 per click. Social media software publisher Vitrue ran some numbers. According to their research, if a brand had one million “likes”, posted twice a day and applied a conservative CPM estimate of $5, then an individual fan was worth $3.60 per year. Research firm, Hotspex, issued a study that estimated an earned media value of $6.79. Those reports mainly examined consumer-facing brands.Again, how do I measure how much profit my client will actually make via having a facebook page?

My head starts to spin when I read all the white papers that are out there. My BIGGEST suggestion to those that are int his same quandry is to IGNORE any article that is more than 3 months old. I’m sorry, but if you read something that was published in 2009 or even in January of 2011, you’re already way behind. Social Media is like a wildfire, it catches so much momentum that its spread so far beyond our capabilities to slow it down. If youa re not constantly learning and reading about what is going on right now in social media, you are already behind.

Now, Facebook JUST changed its Ads Manager and insights page again, this time I love it. It’s got improved performance graphs, new, real-time measurements and inline ad management. I can even see all of the ad creative that I’ve uploaded since the beginning of any campaign.

Check out the new Facebook Ads Manager, it won’t disappoint and I suggest you take a look at it SOON, because it just might change AGAIN soon.

So, how are you measuring social media? Are you using any new tools? I’d love to know! I’m still researching for the best ones out there.