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Social MediaFlyy

I love social media. When I was studying in school (college), which really was less than 10 years ago, I saw the importance of globalization. It was my favorite subject. The thought that globalization started with the scribes in Egypt where information was disseminated – yet it took YEARS to get around. Now,we can’t blink our eyes fast enough to fathom how fast information is sent out, read and digested.

Doesn’t it just give you the tingles to know that as I posted this, billions of people could be reading what I typed in less than a second? (well, that is, if I had that sort of following)

I had a teacher once say: Take a pie chart, (it has to be a pretty big on). Now, take a very small “diet” slice of that pie. That is what you KNOW you KNOW. The next slice of pie will be a slightly larger. That is what you KNOW you Don’t KNOW. Now, The REST of that pie what you Don’t know what you Don’t KNOW! Mind Blowing huh? I love it.

I take that pie with me every where I go, and apply it to my life every day. For me, social media is that part of the chart that I know what I know and sharing what I know is so important to me.

Everything you do online today, whether its personal or on behalf of a company you represent, contributes to public perception and overall brand recognition. Your profile, your feeds the groups you belong to the events you attend the pictures you upload the comments you leave the posts you write and the friends you share all say something about you and your company.

Stay Flyy

~ Jen