Facebook’s Secrets : Are you a Stalker?

Jeremy Keesh thekeesh.com

Is it really such a secret to us anymore that Facebook knows more about ourselves, our interests, our friends and our internet habits more than we even know about us? Hrm. Well, a new “secret” document and bookmarklet has been leaked letting you know who YOU stalk.

Using metrics of who your friends are, how they are connected, the amount of times you are invited to an event that person is invited to, the groups you are in and many many more factors have overwhelmingly given Facebook the means to let you know your “stalking” level.

According to Matt Elliott at cnet, the list is ordered with those you interact most with on Facebook listed at the top and getting a negative number. As you move down the list, the numbers turn positive and grow larger. These are merely friends that facebook thinks you are stalking.

If dragging this image to your bookmarks bar doesn’t work, try the link below it.

Installing the bookmarklet is easy, created by developer Jeremy Keesh head to thekeesh.com and find the post titled, “Who Does Facebook Think You Are Searching For?” Follow Jeremy’s instructions to drag the image (pictured above) or the “Facebook Friends” link below it to your bookmarks bar. Then go to your Facebook page and click on the bookmark. It will display the ranked list of your Facebook friends (along with, perhaps, some nonfriends).

If you want to know HOW Jeremy found the algorithm for this check out the post above.


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