My Favorite NEW Facebook App!

For those of us that build Facebook pages on a regular basis for friends or clients, you HAVE to check out these cool Apps.
What’s it do?

Well, for ONE you can actually integrate your entire website into a tab. Granted however, if your website is not 520 pix then you will have scrollbars, but it is helpful in getting clicks to your site. Check out my friend’s Auto Dealership here in New Milford, CT. I was able to place the autos that are currently on his lot for an easy search within his facebook page:

Candlewood Valley Motors- Used Cars Woobox Tab

For Woobox, there are several benefits.

Top Benefits

  • Limit to Fans & Followers
  • Force Viral Sharing
  • One-per-person / One-time-use
  • Limit number of coupons
  • Analytics & tracking
I’m not totally convinced that “Forced Viral Sharing” is a great idea but the larger CPGs are doing it and you can tell by their numbers that people are actually accepting this as a new form of “advertising”. In my opinion its just annoying. I am now getting emails ALL the time by “Community Coffee” out of New Orleans, LA which by the way is incomparable to Luzianne’s Coffee or JFG Coffee (can you tell I’m a true southern girl?)

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