Free Tabsite Webinar

For anyone interested in creating tabs on your facebook page, take a gander at this FREE Webinar that Tab-site is offering May 19th. I will be there, will you?

Need an example of how it’s used? Check out the tabs I’ve created for a client:


Marketing Hey there!

This is a final reminder about our Webinar this week on “How to Showcase your Products on Facebook“.

WHEN: Thursday, May 19

TIME: 2:00-3:00 pm EST (11 am PDT)

COST: Free

Join 100’s already registered to attend!

Topics to be covered are:

  •   How to create a stylish, custom tab with rows of products
  •   How to use the TabSite PhotoShow tool to showcase product specials & new items
  •   How to post on your wall, generate buzz, and link to the product tab
  •   Best Practices for posting and updating

And more!  Full details on our TabSite blog.


ONE attendee will be drawn randomly to win a Free For LIFE TabSite Gold Plan!!
(A $150/year value!)

Webinar Registration

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