Interviewed on

Wow, I definitely feel lucky! Thank you Daily Single for allowing me to interview with you and make such great connections online!

Check out my interview here: Social Media Guru

Here’s a snippett of what you’ll read:

DS: What is a typical week for Jennifer?
Jennifer: A typical week for me consists of a lot of driving to and from violin lessons after working a full day at the agency. I have recently begun teaching computer classes at the senior center.

DS: Anything you want to add to close this interview?
Jennifer: Jennifer is one of those fabulous girls. Lots of jeans, fancy shoes, Hollywood style sunglasses… It’s how she rides. She was once a Bud and Hooters girl. Really. And she was in a reality tv show. Yep. She even makes her own brewed beer. How’s that for the complete package? She’s the friend that’s always got her head buried in a smart phone checking in, posting, and probably tweeting about you. If you don’t want your stuff on the internet, you may want to keep your distance from Jen. She could make you famous. She’s tweeting about you, right now.



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