Local Business Directories

For those who wonder…how does that information about my business / person get into a search engine…here’s some food for thought.  Local business directories play a critical role in feeding information to the search engines.

The hottest area of search is that “Local results” are critical.  This has carried through to the big search engines like Google and Yahoo.  Google spiders – or investigates, local and statewide business directories.   This is why it is so important to not only be listed in these various directories, but to have a full detailed listing with correct phone and address information.

Most of these directories are free, although some require a small fee.  I’d advise against paying unless it is a very targeted, specific directory for your business.

These directories play into the whole SEO scenario. It’s really more of getting your name, business and information out to consumers the fastest way possible. Monitoring and maintaining Profile Management on all of these local sites will help Google’s little crawlers grab your information and push you further to the top, which is where you want to be!

Like Ricky Bobby used to say:

“if you’re not first- you’re last!”

Get Listed With Local Search Engines, Directories and Providers

Remember to:

  • Add all information that is pertinent to your customer
  • Create a well balanced listing
  • Claim your listings if they are already on the site
  • Add photos
  • Add Links
  • Check what your competitors have on their sites as well as other sites that they are linked to via their back links

Here’s an Example from Mashable.com of a pizza company in New York. They’ve done an excellent job of creating buzz around their listings on more sites than just Yelp or Google.



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