Online Connections

Marketers need to be aware of the different types of personal networks emerging through social medi.

DIRECT CONNECTIONS: People who are connected based on the relationships they’ve built in the real world. This is the hardest network for marketers to get into, because it implies some level of connection and trust.

INTEREST GENERATORS: People who don’t know each other personally, but share an interest or perspective. On Twitter, these are the people you “follow.” They may or may not reciprocate your interest, but you filter based on your desire to hear more of their voices.

EXPERIENCE SHARERS: Other people who have done something you’re interested in, whether it’s someone who bought a book you’re interested in, someone who stayed at a hotel you’re considering or someone who has tested different air conditioners. The interest/connection is fleeting, but it’s often much farther down the so-called “purchase funnel” and can have a big impact on sales.


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